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Pledge “liberaldrinking”

"I will start or join a Liberal Drinks meet-up in my area but only if 4 other local people will come along."

Deadline to sign up by: 31st January 2011
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Country: United Kingdom

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Organising a Liberal Drinks could not be simpler. Just find a pub, ideally a friend who you can rely on to come, post the details up on Flock Together and see who comes. Worst case scenario: you spend a pleasant evening in a pub with a mate. Best case scenario: you identify a new group of like-minded drinking buddies and in turn identify new recruits and activists. So what have you got to lose?

Some tips on organising an event can be found here:
I need to update this to take account of things like Facebook which have proven invaluable for getting the word out - V0.3 will be posted before the deadline of this pledge) and you can join our Facebook group stuffed full of people wanting a Liberal Drinks to be held in their area

Pledge originally made by Jim Smith, LibDem and drinker

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Bolton, Bolton (near Bromley Cross, Bradshaw, Darcy Lever)

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